Friday, September 26, 2008

Pickin' up Paw Paws & Persimmons

Fall is here! My favorite time of year. This year has been a particularly good one for fruits of all kind. We had a very wet spring and summer so the plants were very prolific. On a recent trail run I smelled fruit, and thought, I wonder if there are some apple or pear trees around. DUR, I knew I was running through a Paw Paw patch (Asimina triloba), also called Indiana Banana in this region. One reason for my momentary lapse was that Paw Paw fruit are very sought after by wildlife, so they know where every tree is and eat them before humans have the chance to get them. Also many times they fruit is really high up and there are not many so this makes the chances of getting them even worse. This year is different. First the Paw Paws in this area were very sucessful fruit makers this year, as were many other fruit producers. Persimmons also look to have a bumper crop. So my theory is that the animals have so many other food sources right now that many of the paw paws are getting left hanging, and dropping. We walked the short disance from our front door to the patch and got a whole plastic bag full in no time. Then we did the same with persimmons the same afternoon. We have frozen 8 cups of Paw Paw puree and 6 cups of Persimmon puree so far. I'm sure we'll do some more gathering this weekend. Looking forward to trying out some recipes for these! Persimmon cheesecake anyone?

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Brook said...

Quite a crop you have there! If you try persimmon cheesecake and its good, I want the recipe! I'll let you know how Corey's Paw Paw cream pie turns out.