Friday, September 26, 2008

Wild edibles

As you know, we are very outdoorsy folks. We enjoy hunting and gathering much of our food from the woods, fields, rivers, lakes and streams in our area. To me this just seems natural (literally and figuratively). Growing up if we didn't raise or grow it on our farm, we hunted or gathered it from our woods. I ate local, before eating local was cool man! My parents still do this, knowing not how cool they really are! They just do it cause that is how their families have always done it and it is much cheaper. Local eating stopped for me when I went off to college, except when I went home. I didn't really start appreciating local eating again until the last few years. We don't raise a garden yet, but hope to start next year. The soil here is awful and will have to do some major amendments. But we do eat a lot of other local foods that we hunt and gather from the land. Below is a partial list.

Wild Turkey
Misc. Fish
Morel Mushrooms
Chanterelle Mushrooms
Hen of the Woods Mushrooms
Califlower Mushrooms
Oyster Mushrooms
Paw Paws
We hope to add many more to this list an love to learn about other edibles that we can forage for. This winter we plan to tap some trees, for maple syrup that is!!

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Brook said...

I grew up in a maple syrup making family. Get ready for some sore arms ;) Great memories for the kiddos. You guys rock. Have I mentioned that lately?