Friday, October 10, 2008

Time to tighten the belts

I know it's on every ones mind, unless you live at home with you momma and she still pays all your bills. The economy............ I know some folks will probably want to shoot me for saying this but really I think this is just what our country needs. A serious wake up call. We've been livin' large for too long. If we could see how the other 90% of the world lives I think most of us, with a conscience, would be disgusted with ourselves. How most of us live here in America would be considered living like royalty in most countries. I think we have lost the essence of America. This was the place where if you work hard you could achieve anything. Now so many, especially the younger generations have such an entitlement mentality. As if they deserve everything they want, everything their parents have taken years to attain, NOW! And our financial system has enabled this thinking by giving loans to anyone, anytime, anywhere. We see now where that has gotten us. What does having all these "things" mean if you don't earn them? The level of materialism in America is disgusting. I myself am not immune. We are trading real life in for all this stuff that is meaningless. I wish we could all wake up and see that is relationships not stuff that is the real treasure and wealth of life.

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