Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kids say the darnest things!

My kids, my little boy is 2, my little girl just turned 4, have been saying some funny stuff lately. I try to write a lot of their funny quotes down, but I usually forget them by time I get a chance to set down to write them. Here are some of the funny ones we've heard lately.


When I have him up on a diaper station when out shopping, "Don't fall me Mom."
When I told him for the 12th time to pick up blocks last night, then threated a spanking, "I want a spanking Mom." When I complied he very calmly replied "Ok, thank you." What do you do with a kid like that?! LOL.


After me coaching her before brother woke up on how to be nice to him so I wouldn't have to hear fighting all day, "Mom, I'm just 4, I don't know."

Jeremy was reading he a book with Jeminie Cricket. She saids "I call him Gentleman Cricket" Pretty fitting if you ask me, I mean he does wear a suit after all!

Yesterday she looked at her daddy and said "Daddy, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Daddy said what are you thinking? She said " I'm thinking I love you." AWWWW!

These are the small things that make our lives so awesome and special. Thank you God for these wonderful children.

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