Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm sooo Touched!!

I love my music and have been lusting after an ipod for years. However I have never gotten one because I just can't see spending that kind of $$$ on myself when I have two little ones and a rather small family income (we both work in natural resources people, we do it for the love, not the $$). But after saving for awhile and getting some birthday and taking a little tax return$ I was able to super slurge and get myself and IPOD touch!! WOOOO HOOOO! Such a fun toy! I have had it set up for 3 days now. It's gonna take forever to get all my music on it, esp with freaking dial-up. (There's got to be some trade off for living in paradise!). I'm gonna have trouble keeping my daughter away from it. She's only 4 but has played with a friend's iPhone. There are some pretty cool apps for little ones. I like the shotgun app. It's fun to shoot people! I shot my friend's 6 year old girl the other day and she said very seriously " That was harsh!". Brenna likes the bubble wrap app. Fun Fun.

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