Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Burn in the Big Woods

Indiana to burn 600 acres of Brown County State Park

March 16, 2009
NASHVILLE, Ind. — A 600-acre planned burn is set for Tuesday in the backcountry area of Brown County State Park.
The Indiana Department of Natural Resources says the controlled fire will help the native oak and hickory trees flourish in the Blue Creek area of the park’s the southwest portion. Sections of the area will be closed at least Tuesday and Wednesday to campers, hikers and horse riders.
About 30 people from the state parks staff, The Nature Conservancy and local fire departments will help with the burn in the park near Nashville, about 15 miles east of Bloomington.
The DNR says the burn is planned for early spring to take advantage of the lessened wildlife activity and should have no impact on visitors to other sections of the park.

The burn was carried out on March 17th and was a success with a 90-95% burn rate. There ended up being over 50 people at the burn from various DNR Divisions, Forestry, Law Enforcement, State Parks, Nature Preserves. This is the largest prescribed burn that has ever taken place on a state park property in Indiana. We plan to get out sometime this week and look over the burned area and hopefully will get some "after" pictures up. I have more pictures that Jeremy took that I will post soon.

Fire on the tree.

Smoke in the woods.

Jeremy is on the left holding the drip torch.

Jeremy watching the burn.


cpainton said...

I found your blog from Brook's. I love Brown County and will have to see this are when my dad heads down there to camp!

Hope you are having nicer weather than we are up here in Northern Indiana!


Butts said...

No, the weather is crappy here too! The burn is in a backcounty area and is very hard to find and access. I still haven't made it out there to check on it since the burn, but hope to soon.

Are you soo excited about Brook & Corey's news?!!