Sunday, May 10, 2009

Brenna's Appendicitis

We had our first big medical scare with one of our kids last week. Brenna had been gone to Dewey's (Jeremy's Mom) for the week. We were going to pick her up on Saturday, May 3rd over in Dayton OH, as our niece was having her first communion. Very early Saturday morning Debbie called to say that Brenna was vomiting. This is the girl who has only had one other vomiting episode in her life. She also wasn't very regular going potty while she was up there, not normal for her either. So when I got my girl she was miserable and still puking. She puked most of the day then stopped and began to slowly get a fever. When we got her up to put her to be she began screaming she that her tummy hurt. So we took her to the ER. We got her in and they wanted a urine sample, she had very little due to dehydration but they found white blood cells in it, but couldn't do a culture because the small sample. So they assumed it was a urinary tract infection. They sent us up to Pediatrics and started an IV to rehydrate her and to start antibiotics. On Sunday she improved and started getting an appetite. We where told she needed to have an x-ray and ultrasound, routine things to make sure the infection hadn't done damage, but they said they couldn't do it on Sunday. At that point we were ok with that because she was improving. We thought ok, we'll be out of here Monday after the tests. Sunday night the fever just kept coming up, the tylenol would never get it below 99. Monday our Pediatrician came in and she was in agony as he examined her. She got worse by the minute, by the time she got downstairs for tests she was curled into a ball and would scream if you moved her legs. By far the worst day of being a mommy thus far. She lost control of her functions, which upset her greatly. And she started vomiting again. FINALLY we were told she had appedicitis. The surgeon on call was not comfortable operating on such a small child so we asked if we could transfer her to Riley, YES we were told. So the EMT's came and strapped our baby girl into the gurney, she looked so small and pitiful. I drove up to Riley in our car, she wouldn't let Daddy leave her sight. We got to Riley at 6:30 pm. The team looked over all the tests and were ready for surgery at 11:oo. By that time the morphine had kicked in so she was calm and back to herself. The let her take her best friend Bo, the stuffed dog my grand mother gave her at Christmas when she was 1. She has been inseperable with him since. He came back from surgery with a bracelet and band aid on his tummy too. She slept till noon on Tuesday but was hungry, I would have been to after 3 days with nothing much to eat. She improved everyday and by Thursday they booted us out of there.
Riley was awesome, they know what they are doing, period. The Ronald McDonald House was also great resourse to families of sick children. I was able to spend a night there after 4 nights of very little sleep. Both of these organizations are so worthy of your donations.
Thanks to all who said prayers for our Brenna and us, it truly helped. Brenna is mostly back to normal and is running, jumping, riding her bike and scaring her mom to death!
She looks so small in the big hospital bed.

This was taken Sunday, the day she was admitted to Columbus.

Brenna was inseperable with her Daddy during her ordeal. She wouldn't let Mom do anything for her, only Dad.


Alex Houston said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Brenna's ordeal! That must have been pretty scary for all of you. Glad that she's recovered!


Hannah said...

i love the picture with Brenna and Jeremy so cute