Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fun at the Feet Water

We enjoy going to the farmer's market in Bloomington, IN in the summer. It is such a vibrant atmosphere, colorful flowers, vegetables, fruits, and people (some of the people are the fruits!). The kids love playing in what they call the "feet water", a fountain that has an artificial stream running out of it that all the children play in. A couple of weekends ago we met up with our friends Brook and Corey and thier new baby Lily there. We had to introduce Lily to the fun.

Lily saying "Mom what are you doing?"

"Mom, NO! Seriously, I won't keep you up tonight, I PROMISE!!"

"You are in for a long night Mother!!"

Corey enjoying getting splashed on by all the kids walking in the "feet water".

Brenna helped make a dam.

This is the face of trouble.

This is the butt of trouble. (And yes, I did get that out with Dawn dish soap!)


Alex Houston said...

Oh, I miss that fountain and the bton farmers market! Say hi to all the "fruits" from me!!

Brook said...

I love the photos. Apparently Dawn has magical powers!