Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summer fun....even without a "vacation"

It's been forever since I posted anything. Summer keeps us hopping. We didn't do an actual vacation this year but did a lot of fun short trips or day trips and did a lot of fun things with the family. Even without the vaction it's probably been just as fun as when we did have one. Here are just a few things we have done this summer so far. I hope to post more soon.

My Brother's visit
My brother and my kids. Anna is 7 will be 8 next month, Jacob 4, just 4 months older than Brenna.

Gettin' the goofies out.

Jacob and Brenna on the way back from Smokies birthday party. Jacob complaining that it's too far. As we say around here... Toughen up Cupcake!!

Anna pretzel legs, Brenna using the bubble wand as her "Peter Pan sword".

Annual Sobecki Family Campout

Brayden fishing at Shakamak State Park.

Brenna caught a 3 lb bowfin. I swear this child is a clone of her daddy. She can't be happy with just a piddly bluegill. She's gotta go catch something big and interesting!

Jeremy's dad, sister Tara and BIL Andy fishing at Shakamak.

Can't remember who caught the big red-eared slider, but they all enjoyed it. Our nieces, Livy, Maddy, Jackie and our Brenna of course, and Great Grandpa McKee.

Jeremy, his brother AJ and their Grandpa.

An honored part of the annual Sobecki campout is the making and more importantly, eating, elephant ears. This year our nephew Drew (2) and Brayden lent their little hands.
Trip to Michigan City Beach on Lake Michigan (That's in Indiana!)

All our neices on the Sobecki side (Drew isn't pictured, not safe to have a 2 year old up there!)

Jeremy and the kids headed out the lighthouse.

It was so cold but the kids had fun. Brayden would go limp and just fall into the waves when they hit, so I had to hold him up.

Brenna was loving the waves. She got to where she was diving into them. She is a nutball.

View of the lighthouse from the beach.

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RusticOkie said...

It looks like everyone is having a wonderful summer. Enjoy it.