Saturday, September 19, 2009

Whole Wheat Wars

Inside our household a war rages. No one has know the full extent until now. The Whole Wheat Wars....

I read a lot, some may say too much, but not enough for me. All this reading has lead me to learn much about our food systems and nutrition. (for more info read "What to Eat", "Omnivore's Delimma", "Animal Vegetable Miracle" and many more) This has lead me to the conclusion that white flour is not healthy and should be avoided. Therefore, I try to use as much whole wheat flour as possible in my baking and other cooking. The hubby has issues with this. And Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn! I am cooking for his and my children and my longterm health. I also have learned from my reading that children set thier food tastes early in life by the foods they frequently eat. So if they are used to eating whole wheat bread early in life, hopefully later on they will eat the squishy, sticky white bread and find it unpalatable. I know I find it to be pretty nasty now. My hubby grew up on white bread and prefered it, but I won't let anything other than 100% whole wheat bread in the house. I try to also make my own bread too and finally found a good 100% whole wheat recipe from King Aurthur (flour company). Many homemade whole wheat bread recipes are very hard! All our pancakes, waffles, muffins and fruit breads are all made from whole wheat. I even try to sneak some into the chocolate chip cookies, pizza dough, and even the yeast rolls. Last time I made yeast rolls with about 25% whole wheat, he said "if you make these for company don't put any whole wheat in them!" If he gets in the kitchen and makes some muffins or pancakes you can bet there'll be mostly white flour in them! I am determined to win this war and am making some headway. He comments how squishy and sticky white bread is now and how it sticks to his teeth. I think he is finally made peace with the whole wheat bread, now for all the other things....

Here are some unrelated pictures.

The kids dressed up in daddy's uniform.

Brayden in his boots.

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Brook said...

Really cute photos. I am kind of in the middle about the wheat thing. I know it is SO much better for you and do try to eat it whenever possible, but sometimes I have a hankering for white bread or noodles. Oooh! I found a good wheat noodle recipe I'm gonna try soon.