Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Confessions of an Outdoors Woman

I am what most would call and "outdoorsy" person. I work in forestry/water quality, I live in a park in the middle of the most wooded part of Indiana. I love to garden, hike, camp, fish, trail run, or just sit on my front or back porch/deck and read a good book. I also make it priority #1 in the spring, summer and fall to have the kids out as much as possible playing. Now that they are getting older I will have them out more in the winter too. So with all this inherent ourdoorsyness one would think that I would be sad a the coming winter and being "stuck" inside. Not true. I really look forward to it, the change in rhythm. The slowing of things, the warm soups and hearty stews, hot chocolate and apple and pumpkin pies. The stack of books and magazines left untouched through summers' joyous activities are ready to be read. Sewing projects put off till winter are calling to be initiated. I feel like the little mice that are making their way into my house, finding a warm place to hole up for the winter and making my nice cozy bed. (Unfortunately for them they aren't welcome here, but our snake sure doesn't mind them coming in though, since they become his dinner!) So I always welcome the fall and the chill in the air and the promise of another holiday season spent with our families sharing old traditions and starting new ones.

This time of year does make me a little sad though, as it marks the end of my trail running season. Having very "bendy" ankles I have found I cannot run on the trails with the leaves down. So until next March or April it's all roads for me, but I do live in a park so I'm not complaining!

So welcome winter, bring your snow, my kiddos are ready to play in it. I am ready to curl up with a good book, warm blanket, hot chocolate and watch the snow fall through the naked trees into the silence of the deep woods.

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Brook said...

I feel the same way. It is a welcome change of pace and a time to cuddle up together. I can hardly imagine living somewhere without the change of seasons.