Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall = Intense Gratitude

View from my back yard.
My gourd guitar hero!

@Kelp's Pumpkin Patch

Brayden & Brenna laying in the leafis (that's how Brayden pronouces leaves).

My cutie little girl.

Had to include this, when I was taking this Brenna sneezed!

I have been feeling extremely grateful in the past weeks, and how could I not living in beautiful Brown County? The leaves are at their peak of color and will probably be past peak when the rain hits later today. It has been beautiful. I think that it is so fitting that Thanksgiving is in the fall. Fall to me marks the end of the year, a time to reflect on all the activities and accomplishements of the past summer, spring and winter. Fall is a time to reflect on on the fun had in the outdoors over the warm months and a time to plan all the cozy indoor activities for the coming cold months. Even the trees express their gratitude with a final blaze of color before their leaves fall silently to the ground, continuing the ageless cycle of bounty and bareness. Throwing their leaves down to the ground to give themselves and other organisms nutirents for the coming years.

In the fall us folks living in the temperate zones know that warm, comfortable days outside are numbered and begin to really appreciate each one we are given before the big cold hits. I have been telling my kids, we have to get outside and enjoy the nice weather while we can, soon it will be cold and we will not be able to go out. Which isn't entirely true, we will go out some, but not as much, to be sure.

So in this fall I find myself intensely grateful for everything I have, a wonderful and very happy and healthy family, a beautiful and comfortable home, great friends and plenty of food, (thanks to our garden, and my hunter, fisherman hubby!) and enough money to pay all the bills and then some! We are blessed beyond words. May you be blessed too! Happy Autumn!

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