Friday, October 16, 2009

Soccer Mom x 2

Our team the Galaxy. Brayden has his hand in his mouth, Brenna has her tounge out, yeah those are mine!!

Brenna celebrating / showboating after scoring a goal.

Brayden's just kickin' it.

I'm a soccer mom two times over now, well, sort of. This is Brenna's second year of soccer and you can really see the difference 1 season of experience makes. Not to mention that she has become super competetive in the last year. She wants to be the first and best at everything, which has it's pros and cons. This is preschool soccer so scores aren't kept, but Brenna sure does keep count of how many goals she makes! First game she made 5, one was for the other team! I mentioned that her friend on the other team made more goals and she got defensive "NO she didn't!" Last game she didn't make any goals and she knew it. Thankfully she wasn't to hard on herself. Brayden is also playing soccer this year, sort of... He is pretty spacy out there. He'll kick the ball some but if someone is in front of them he cries and says, "They won't let me kick the ball, they won't move!" The he says he's going to play defense and stands in front of the goal during the game, but doesn't try to stop the ball when the other team kicks it in! We figured he would be this way this year, Brenna season last year was similar. She would only spend about half the time on the field during the games last year. So who knows, maybe next year Brayden will really be into it too. But for now we are enjoying the hilarity that is 3 & 4 year old soccer. It's pretty funny stuff.

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Brook said...

Brenna sure has a height advantage on those other kids, huh! Their little personalities couldn't be more opposite right now. Too funny.