Sunday, November 15, 2009

Shakin' the Pecan tree

Jeremy's Grampa has four pecan trees in his yard. We love to visit this time of year to help him shake out the pecans. We also love taking them home to make pies and other goodies with. They are superior to the store bought pecans! The competetion with the birds for the pecans is intense, blue jays and woodpeckers are relentless. Thankfully there are not many squirrels in that area so he doesn't have to deal with them. Grampa used to trim trees so he still has all the tree climbing equipment. He uses the ropes and pullies to throw over the branches and shake the pecans out. When that doesn't work Jeremy climbs up and shakes the limbs like the little monkey he is!! (He's always in trees this time of years if not for pecans, then for deer!) When the pecans come raining down, Brenna gets very excited and jumps up and down with excitement. It's a good time for us hill rats!

Jeremy shaking the pecan tree.

Goofy pecan girl.

Jeremy's Grampa and Mom.

ps. I shelled a gallon of pecans two days ago and got about 5.5 cups of nuts. Of course my "helper" Brenna probably ate a half a cup on her own!

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Brook said...

I always thought you guys were a little nutty ;)

You 'aint kidding about them being better than store bought. They are SO much sweeter. Mmmm!