Saturday, December 19, 2009

2009 Christmas letter

For several years now we have been sending out Christmas letters instead of cards. In the letter we update everyone on what has happened throughout the year. We find it much more meaningful and personal than Christmas cards. So I thought I would post this years Christmas letter here for all those who I wasn't able to send it to. We cap it at 50!

Dear Family and Friends,

Here we are almost at the end of another year. This year, as most, has come with its ups and downs, but in all it's been another great year for the Sobecki Family.

This year we became a little more sustainable as a family in various ways. One was to make our own maple syrup from trees in our yard. This was a fun, albiet a laborious process. We collected about 90 gallons of sap that boiled down to approximately 2 gallons of syrup. We boiled a lot of it down on a fire owtside so it had a nice smoky flavor. We also up in a vegetable garden, which we have wanted to do for a while but wanted to wait till the kids were past the baby and toddler stages. The garden was a big hit with all of us. The kids loved helping with the garden and best of all eating righ out of it. Brenna would eat things out of the garden that she would never eat off of her plate!

We had our first big medical issue with one of our kids this year. Brenna had a ruptured appendix; she was rushed to Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis by ambulance for emergency surgery. She (and her toy dog Bo) made it through surgery fine and she healed up very quickly. She was running and riding her bike in 5 days.

Brayden turned 3 in March and potty trained not too long after that. So after 4.5 years of nonstop diaper changing we are done!! Brayden is a really sweet boy with a funny sense of humor and a sensitive side. He seems to be very mechanically minded and likes to see how things work. He also has lost his baby look and now looks more like a little boy. Brenna turned 5 in November and is becoming quite athletic. She really excelled in soccer this year and loves to run and throw. She loves watching sports with her Daddy, but she pretty much likes everything that Daddy does! I am teaching her preschool at home and she is doing well learning to read and write.

Jeremy had a very interesting year at work with many changes due to the budget and economic crisis. He was able to do a lot of hunting and fishing this year even though his deer hunting season hasn't been the best! I was able to do more field work for my job this year which I enjoyed greatly. I continue to work par time so that I can spend most of my time with the kids. I hope to stay part time through their school years so that I can be very actively involved with them and their education and activities.

We hope this year has been kind to you and if it hasn't then we hope you have learned and grown through your difficult times.

God's blessings to you in the New Year and always,

Jeremy, Jennifer, Brenna & Brayden

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