Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dave Rawlin's Well Oiled Machine

A week ago tonight the hubster and I got a very rare night out. We went to eat some hot wings then off to a concert that I had been salivating over for a while, Dave Rawlins Machine at the Bluebird in Bloomington. Even though I had only heard the band once on NPR in it's current format, I had listened to these musicians many times on Gillian Welch's albums. Gillian has been a favorite of mine since my friend at grad school, who used to be a college radio DJ back in Cali, introduced me to her music. Dave Rawlins and Gillian have been partners, at least musically, (romantic interests of these folks is not discussed, and I've looked) for many years. Their harmonies are wonderful and they just are a great match. Gillian has had multiple albums and achieve folk/acoustic/bluegrass icon status (if there is such a thing!) And Dave has been there all along while Gillian has recieved the bulk of the limelight. So it was about time Dave got his chance to be in the lead, after all isn't that what partners are supposed to do? The old give and take? So I went to the show knowing Dave would be the main event, but hoping to catch a few Gillian led songs as well. I didn't really know what to expect but was hopeful for a good show. Well I was rocked like a wagon wheel baby! Not only did I get to her Gillian and Dave but 3 members of Old Crow Medicine Show are part of the band as well and they played their song "Methanphetimine". It was such and energetic show from both the performers and crowd. I have to say it was probably the best show I have ever been to. Dave had such energy and wanted to keep going, at one point at the end after the 3rd? encore, Dave said, "I'm just gonna keep playing!" Gillian gave him a look like, "What the hell has gotten in to you?"

We saw some friends there and had a good time catching up with them. One friend was a bit put out that Gillian didn't get more songs in, I however felt like Dave has earned his right to lead and thus proved his real worth with this show! The addition of the Old Crow boys just put this one over the top!

On a side note, we got stuck by that girl at the concert. You know the one, the girl that is 2 drinks past one too many and is dancing like a dog on flea bath day. After one particularly rousing song I let out my signature scream (with which I won a scream contest in Indy and knocked out the mike in the process). She looked over and high fived me and said was that a whistle or a scream? I said it was a scream, she said "you must have a great singing voice". I said "it's ok". The she said she wanted me to record some songs she had written for her album!!!!! LOL!

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