Sunday, December 20, 2009

He follows his nose, it always to get him lost!!

Darn beagle ran off again. Gus turned 9 this year and has been a great dog, inside and outside except his inherent propensity to RUNN OFT! But he is a hunting dog that is what they do, follow the scent trail. You'd think he'd be able to follow his own scent trail back home when he got too tired, but no, that usually isn't how he works. Usually someone finds him and the story ends happliy. Unfortunately he didn't have his collar on this time so who knows what might have happened. We'll call the humane society in the AM. Losing the dog for Christmas will definitely not be a good present for the kids. :( My next dog needs to be a porch dog that won't run off.

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Brook said...

Corey just told me you found him at the shelter. Yay! Merry Christmas indeed!