Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Calandar for the Wife of an Outdoorsman

January- Rabbit hunting & ice fishing (if ice is thick enough)
February- More rabbit hunting, more ice fishing (if there is still enough ice), begin tapping trees for syrup
March- Daydreaming of spring fishing and morel mushrooms, sugaring (not the wife, maple syrup!)
April- Spring fishing and morel mushrooms, turkey hunting
May- Turkey hunting, more fishing, few mushrooms left
June- more fishing
July-usually too hot to fish
August- Squirrel hunting, Begin to dream of deer hunting, still too hot to fish, may practice bow.
September- Dove hunting, early Goose season,
October-Deer Bow season
November-Deer bow and gun season
December-Deer muzzleloader season

Although we hate to see him gone, we really enjoy the healthy, tasty food that he hunts and forages for us. Not to mention that he really loves to do all these things and makes him a very happy guy! We do accompany him on some of these excursions, and as the kids get bigger will go more and more. But for now we'll see him in March and July!

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