Saturday, January 30, 2010


So I ran across a blog somewhere, can't remeber which one now, that had a good idea about giving your new year a word theme. Looking back on last year I'm pretty sure it was Gratitude. This year I am saying the year's word for me is Create. We'll see a the end of the year if this really does turn out to be the word of the year! I haven't created much of anything yet. I always have a slump after Christmas, after so much crafting for gift giving we have to get over a little bit of burn out. So in January we do a lot of reading. I guess I have helped the kids create some cute crafts I'll have to post those soon. We are trying to do more crafts with recyclables. We make some cool toilet paper roll bracelets the other day!

I also want to learn some new crafting skills this year. Embroidery and felting. Hoping my Aunt Linda can start me out on embroidery and Brook can start me on felting.

The problem is how to fit it in? I see some of these blogs where the mom has an order of magnitude more children than me and is crafting like a feign. What gives, how in the world do that do all that??? Granted they are full time at home, where as I work part-time, but still.... Not that I'm trying to keep up with anyone, just wondering! I think I just need to lower my house cleanlyness standards or something. For now, I'll just dream of creating and when the dream comes true, I'll post pics!!

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