Saturday, January 23, 2010

February One Small Change

Hip Mountain Momma has begun a "One Small Change" challenge for each month from January to April leading up to Earth Day. I found this a little too late in the game to begin in January but in Febuary we are starting our own "One Small Change". I don't really have to even think about this one. It has been rolling around in both mine and my husbands mind for sometime. Replacing facial tissues with hankies. He has actually been using his hanky quite a bit. I had a tiny cold this week and was using tissues and he said "Why don't you use a hanky." He's right, I need to start and am doing it today!!! We have several hankies around but man, they are not very soft on the nose. Anyone have a suggestion on what type of cloth makes the best and softest hankie? I'm sure will still have a box of tissues around in case we have visitors. Pretty sure if we handed them a hanky instead of a tissue we'd get some pretty funny looks!


Jennifer said...

Hi there, just came over from hip mountain mama. We switched to hankies quite a while ago, and never turned back. I get most of our hankies at thrift stores, so maybe age has softened them, as they are all really soft. Another option is to use soft flannel. They might be a gentler way to break into the hanky world.

MommaCort said...

So I googled it... soft handkerchiefs produced the following result:

Boy, if I could harness my energy into something productive, I could do great things! Best wishes on making your changes!