Sunday, January 31, 2010

My quest to replace myself

These pictures remind me of a previous post about Brenna helping me clean!

I've recently gained a new recruit into my cleaning army. Private Brayden has proved to be an enthusiastic cleaner..... for about 5 minutes. We need to work on his endurance. Push-ups, 30 second drills, pull-ups. I'm trying to replace myself around here. Is there any reason I should have to do all the cleaning? I think not!! The hubster helps some, but I'm here most of the time so I do feel I should do the lion's share of the house cleaning. But If I can get these little people around here to help out more, well that means more Momma time!!

Daddy and Brayden prepping the living room before daddy hit it with the carpet cleaner. When people other than me clean around here I feel that it's picture-worthy!!

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