Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our friendly neighborhood fox

We've always seen gray foxes in and near our yard, we are pretty sure there is a den nearby. Not really that surprising since our yard is 16,000 acres of forest. Recently we have been getting more and more glimpses of the fox(s). The reason is this, it's the middle of winter and we've got a compost pile that we throw new stuff into every day. The clever foxes have also found the carcassess of deer, geese, and fish provided by my hunter to be quite appealing. In and upcoming post I will include some pics taken with a trail camera over a deer carcass from last month. It was interesting to see the visitors and the progression of species that visited. The compost pile has shown us just what and opportunistic omnivore will eat. In the middle of the day the fox came up and plucked up a big turnip out of the pile and trotted down the hill with it. Since our compost is right out our window, the kids have been getting kick out of watching and looking for Mr. Fox. We might have to name him.

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