Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Outdoor Winter Fun

It warmed up last week and our snow cover melted away, but not before we were able to get outside and play. We also got the kids, and myself, out on the ice for fishing. The weather was forecasting the highs to be above freezing for over a week so we knew it could be the end of the ice. The kids enjoyed making a snow man and throwing snowballs at friends and co-workers of daddy's that stopped by throughout the day. I particularly liked Brayden's snowball throwing strategy. Maybe I should call it a snowball "smearing" strategy, he didn't want to take a chance and miss so he would come up and mash the snowball into you! We made a small fort and two snowmen, one didn't last over 30 minutes, but it was in the middle 40's!

Love the snowball Brenna placed in the snowman/woman's hand! Picture of the fort taken less than 24hrs after making it. Snow was melting fast!
We headed to a small private lake the next day to ice fish. Brayden did really well, we set him down and told him to watch the bobber. I was busy looking at mine when he said very calmly, "MOM, my bobbers under, my bobber is under!" Sure enough, it was and I tried to get the fish but it was already gone. We also found it funny when he said "Hey! There's no reel on this pole!"

Brenna got cold quickly, partly because she is a skinny little squirt and partly because her feet got wet, so she mostly set on the bank and pouted. Only one small fish was caught but it was a fun time playing on the ice. Hopefully there is more winter fun to be had and not all mud and muck! Bring on the snow!
Not sure how her feet got wet??

The ice makes some really neat designs, both under and on the surface.

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Brook said...

Cute photos! I always loved playing in the snow as a kid, it never felt as cold then as it does to me now. Why is that? Can't wait until Lily is old enough to enjoy it as much as B&B do now.

I hadn't seen my photo at the top before. I normally read it through Google Reader so I might be late to the game, but it fits really well as your blog header :)