Friday, January 15, 2010

'Round Here Nothing Goes to Waste!

Warning to some of the folks that are a bit more sensitive. There are pictures of deer carcass, sorry if this offends, but this is a fact of life here in the Big Woods.
I am constantly trying to brainwash my children. The subject I do this the most with is waste. I am constantly telling them to turn off the water, lights, use less tissue because "our family doesn't waste things!" Well this is true in many ways here in the Big Woods. As you know, if you are friends or family or have read this blog at all, the hubby is a hunter. Not a guy that hunts, but a hunter (there is a BIG difference). He hunts for sustinance and he rather enjoys the cave-man, "me provide big meat for family" feeling he gets from it too! So this winter he bagged two deer to put in the freezer. About 80% of the meat eaten in this family is wild game and wild fish. We also buy a hog from a local farmer and have it processed locally and split it with our friend, that is the bulk of our "non-wild game" meat. Anyhoo...When the hubby gets a deer he processes it himself. I loves to do that, not only does it save $80, he also gets it done just the way he wants it. So after cutting as much meat as possible off of the deer he drags the carcass down the hill from our house. There are many critters in these woods that are quite thankful for that! He decided last time to put his trail camera on the deer carcass to see what would be drawn in. Nothing goes to waste around here!
First customer to the buffet, our friend the fox. (We knew he'd be first in line!)
For the first couple of nights the fox was the lone diner, on the 3rd night a raccon joined him. Looks like they could even tolerate one another. On the 4th night there was an oppossum (not pictured here)
Daytime customers included crows and a hawk (can't find the hawk pic!)

You can see here the bones are getting pretty bare, but our fox is here. And look, he brought his lady friend this time. Love in the cafeteria.....

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