Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bunting, Colts shirt and Cash Envelope system

So the creative juices have begin to flow a bit. I guess just like the sap will be flowing soon, slow at first but then a with gusto. It's been like that for me too. Earlier this week completed a bunting for Brayden's room with inspiration from Soule Mama's "The Creative Family". The blue, green and pink quilt on Brayden's bed is the flannel crib quilt I made for Brayden before he was born, we didn't know the sex so I tried to make something that would work for a boy or girl.

Yesterday I made a little shirt for Brenna's beloved "Bo" in preparation for the Big Game this weekend. We are in Colts country people, and my husband and girl are big fans. Brenna loves to pretend to be "Peyton Manny". Brayden and I are somewhat ambivalent, we want the Colts to win because the are the hometown team, but generally are not into football. The pj's Brenna is wearing for were made for her birthday last year.

Today I created a fabric version of the Dave Ramsey cash envelope system. Our paper envelopes are worn out after almost a year of use and I wanted something that would be more durable. Then I thought, I should make some out of fabric! So I began to look around at what other folks had done and found this simple tutorial of how to make an envelope system. Have I blogged about Dave yet? I can't remember. We took his Finacial Peace University class and it has really changed our lives (I know that sound cliche', but it's true!). This little cash wallet was very easy and cheap to make, less than 9 bucks! And that was with me buying a little more of the bird fabric by Debbie Mumm than necessary! It was just so pretty I got a full yard! Wouldn't that make a pretty quilt? This took only about an hour to make, cutting the dividers and everything!

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