Thursday, February 25, 2010

Early birthday present

I completed Brayden's birthday gift from myself early! I couldn't wait another 2+ weeks to give it to him. So here he is.

The picture doesn't do the adorable fabric justice, but is it some of the softest flannel I have ever worked with. I could eat him up, he is so cute!

Jeremy is making progess on Brayden's bookshelf, he got all the boards cut and planed down. The wood is beautiful. It's ash, and is such a beautiful light color, with tons of character.

By the way, I have been keeping an eye on all of you, I know folks are reading but I'm getting few comments. I would love to "see" you when you are visiting if only to say hi and who you are and where you are from. I suspect most of you are my friends anyway, but it would be nice to know! Plus a few comments give more motivation to keep writing. Look forward to hearing from you!


Alex Houston said...

Cute PJs! Seriously...wish we lived closer so you could teach me your skills. I'm feeling inspired to get a sewing machine!

Butts said...

Thanks, the shirt was more of a challenge with the collar and all, but it did turn out well. Thanks! I bet you could find a good used machine on craigslist! There is so much you can do with them.

alexis heimansohn said...

I think it is great that you are making your kiddos gifts. My parents always did that and I plan to do that with mine as well. We would also go on a ski trip for Christmas instead of getting a bunch of stuff that we would'nt remember in a few months. You better believe we remember the memories we made on those trips!! I love reading your blog and watching your little rascals grow.

Brook said...

Hey girl! I love those PJs! How freaking cute. I hope Brayden doesn't mind when I pet them next time I come over.

MommaCJay said...

I love that you each make the kids a birthday present! The pjs are very cute. I'm inching closer and closer to my sewing machine, but haven't broken it out since we brought Lily home. Maybe this inspiration pushed me over the edge! :)

Cami said...

Hello! I come to your blog from Brook's blog! I also play Fantasy Football with Jeremy. I am Mrs. Owens. My husband is Seth and we live up north and were buddies with Corey and Brook when they were at Potato Creek! I love those pjs!