Thursday, February 18, 2010

"Making" it special

Here we are in mid-February in Indiana. A time in many areas of the country where it is just plain dreary and most folks are ready for winter to be over already! We currently have a foot of snow on the ground and sounds like more is on the way soon. In the past week the kids and dad have been fighting a stomach bug, Yucka! I'm the lone hold-out. I feel like I have a big giant X on me for the germs to come ID and attack me. Have you ever noticed that when one person in the house hold get the stomach bug, all you can think about as you are preparing or eating a meal is "This would be awful to throw up." So you find you self cooking very blandly as a kind of insurance policy. Seriously, last year I ralphed up a taco salad, and lettuce, salsa and ground beef came out of my nose. I know, right?? I REEEAALLY don't want a repeat performance of that for myself or my loved ones. So anyway...... I'm just a bit off the subject!! :)

We really are trying to hold off the late-winter and throw-up blues around here by keeping busy with some handcrafts. Last year a coworker of my husbands gave him a unopened dollhouse kit. We looked it up and that thing is worth over $200!! It was given to Brenna as a Christmas gift and ever since then Jeremy has been slowly working on it. This thing is the real deal. I don't know how many hours he will have in by the end of this but I think he could have built us a house in that time!! The kids have been very interested from the beginning and watch and help as much as possible. Brayden asks everyday lately "Dad, is the house done yet?" Jeremy is even going to install lights in this thing. We are fortunate to live near a miniature dollhouse store, Jeepers. They offer classes on wiring dollhouses so Jeremy is taking the course next month to learn how to do this.

Jeremy has already put together one small doll house that I found last summer at a garage sale for $10, it was great practice for the real thing. That was part of Brenna's birthday gift this year. He hopes to get the big one complete by Christmas this year, we shall see.

I have been working on a pj set for Brayden, who's birthday is coming up next month. Found some super cute and cuddly flannel that I couldn't resist and that was on sale at Joann's so I thought that would be a great thing to make for him. I have never made a collared shirt before and it has proved to be a challenge. This is great practice to improve my sewing skills.

Jeremy is making Brayden a bookshelf for his birthday as well. His dad is bringing down some wood this weekend, so I'm sure he'll get started soon. This will be the third bookshelf he has made. Birthdays are special, but we want to show our kids how special they are to us by sacrificing our time to make things for them instead buying them tons of plastic stuff that they will tire of in a few short weeks and will end up in the landfill in a few years. I know that these things we make aren't as flashy things that are store bought, but they have an inherent value. Someone who loves them beyond words made this for them. Long after the plastic toy has been broken they will be using the toy, clothes and furniture we have made for them and telling anyone that will listen, "My Dad (or Mom) made that for me!"

So we are keeping busy, I have plenty of other projects that I'd like to get done this winter, but I'm sure we won't fit them in and that's just fine. After all, it almost tree tappin' time folks!!!


Alex Houston said...

I am in awe of your lifestyle and feel inspired when I read your blog. I aspire to do the same kinds of things with and for quinn that you do with your kids. Wish you guys lived could teach me some of your crafting skills! :)

Brook said...

First chocolate making with Corey, now a dollhouse wiring course! I love that our men don't have hang-ups about their masculinity!