Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Days

In the last week we have recieved 9 or so inches of snow here on our little mountain. The first snow, on Friday & Saturday, started our very wet and stuck to everything, creating an almost fairytale scene.

Although the snow started wet, it ended dry and powdery, making it no good for snowman making or snowballs, and it was too deep to sled in very well. So the kids took to the woods and ate all the snow they could off the low hanging branches. They also made themselves a little "home" under the snow covered branches of a Beech tree, which has leaves that are persistent till spring.
When the snow came in on Tuesday, local schools closed. Our friend's kids stay with us on most snow days. It is nice because it helps my two not fight and the older kids are great a keeping my kiddos occupied. We wanted to get out in the snow to play and found the same problem we had had earlier over the weekend. So I suggested a hike, to which I recieved an enthusastic YES! We did a two + mile hike down to the lake and back in the 9 inch snow cover. The kids had a great time and there was barely any whining!

Chloe, Grace and Brayden on the boardwalk on the back portion of the lake.
Brayden, Brenna, Grace and Chloe looking out over frozen Ogle Lake.

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