Saturday, March 13, 2010

Fall through the ice

The following is an article copied from the "Jasonville Independent".

Ice Fisherman falls through ice at Midland Reservoir

Leland McKee did not intend to join the polar bear club when he walked out on the Midland pond not far from his home on Thursday, February 11, but what happened to the ice fisherman certainly would qualify him for "man of the year" with such cold weather swimmers!
Freezing weather had been around for several days, and this is reportedly the second coldest winter in 20 years. But tell that to the ice...
McKee went our on the frozen lake, had his fishing gear, his auger, and started to make a hole in the ice where he would drop his line. Suddenly, he found himself in the water, with his head submerged! He popped back up to the surface, but his wet clothing was very heavy. Several times he attempted to roll up onto the ice shelf, but each time it broke away, and he was back into the frigid water. At last, he was able to spot where the ice would hold his weight. He made his way back to land and on to his home, where he said it took him about 4 hours to warm back to normal. Dressed warm for his fishing outing, the heavy we clothing and shoes mad it very difficult to walk. Here's the kicker ... Leland McKee is 80 years old! He was also able to relate the incident to the Jasonville Independent with his usual smile and happy demeanor. He lost all of his fishing equipment, but the hardy octogenarian managed to walk away with his life from what must have been a very frighting experience, and and experience that would have would have claimed the life of most people!
The above article is about Jeremy's grandad. He is doing great and didn't get sick after his dip, which we were concerned about. Since this article was published Grandpa and a friend went out on a boat and used a very strong magnet to retrieve his ice fishing sled, which all gear was in. They were able to get everything except to homemade ice fishing poles! Grandpa didn't ice fish the rest of the year, much to our relief, but will most likely be out there next year, his health permitting!

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