Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Continuing a Tradition

I apologize for doing such a late Easter posting. Things have been a bit spring fevery here lately and we've been on the road as well, more on that in an upcoming post.
Above is a picture of the Easter Bunny cake I created on Easter. This idea didn't come out of any magazine, but from the pages of my childhood. My Granny would make this cake every Easter. Hers was sheet cake and usually chocolate, mine was funfetti, but you get the gist. I remember fighting over who got the bunny, pretty sure it got divided evenly among us, even though we already had chocolate bunnys that our grandparents had given to us. So I decided that I enjoyed this tradition so much that I would continue it for our family. I still remember when I left home and was unable to return for Easter that I would ask if Granny made the cake.
So really this isn't about a cake, but about remembering those you love and keeping their legacy alive by sharing their love. My Granny is still teaching me many lessons even though she isn't here in the physical realm.

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