Thursday, April 15, 2010

Kindergarten Round-up

We took our baby girl to Kindergarten Round-up this past Wednesday. She was super excited. They did eye, hearing, speech/language and motor skills tests. They also had her do a little writing, color, alphabet and number recognition. She did great on all of it. She was a little nervous at the first station where she had to write her name and she wrote two B's to start her name, but she quickly said "oops, I wrote two B's!" and erased one. We (I) wasn't as teary as I thought I'd be, I see that she is so ready and is going to do great. I am also looking forward to a whole year alone with Brayden, it's his turn. I'm sure I'll get the ugly cry going when I drop her off that first day!! For now we have 4 months until the school years begin for us.

We are both looking forward at the prospect and also apprehensive. We have worked very hard to keep the ugly parts of our culture from her; various TV shows, commercials, oversexualization of everything, you name it, and now it will make it's self known to her through her classmates. Thankfully she isn't a follower and doesn't care if she is the only one doing what she's doing. She's a pretty confident little five year old. She actually turned down a special trip to McDonalds the other day because we had talked many times how eating fast food isn't healthy especially if you do it often. She said she didn't want to be sick like a lot of other people are. MY GOODNESS THEY DO LISTEN SOMETIMES!!!

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