Friday, April 2, 2010

Mossin' around's been on my mind alot lately. No I'm not crazy. But I am kind of a plant nerd. However, I have never really learned mosses. I have taken 3 college courses on native plants but none of them touched on moss. I have recently found that I am not the only person interested in moss. I have had conversations with at least 3 other folks about moss in the last week, and I didn't initiate any of these. One of my friends is in the process of quiting smoking and mentioned on FB how the moss in her yard looked like it was glowing. Of course this lead to many comments about how bad off she must be due to nicotine withdrawals. I assured her that I too saw it and it was fabulous. Last week before many plants had begun to peek out the moss was very bright green and beautiful. It was the only green to be seen and it was very vibrant. I also saw a new moss gardening book at the library the other day. And a woman I work with said someone had asked her recently how to grow moss. I never would have thought moss to be such a hot topic! Then I talked to Brook about a neat planter idea and it reminded me of a visit to Madison, IN with my good buddy Kenli back in 2003. We were walking down the street and saw this. I have never forgotten how cool this was and would love to duplicate it someday.
I love how the moss is growing around the pots. I also like the flowers growing in the drawer.
Happy gardening season!

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Brook said...

I love the rustic version! Here is the fancy pancy version I had seen: