Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hemlock Cliffs

We were on the way home from visiting my family in KY and were in desperate need of a break from the kid's hyperness. We were driving through part of the Hoosier National Forest and saw the Hemlock Cliffs sign. We have driven past this for 5 years now and almost every time I say, "I want to go there sometime." This was the time, we had left early and had plenty of time to get home before dark. We got off of IN 37 and followed the signs, about 5 miles back to the parking area and saw that the hike was 1.2 miles. Perfect! Not too long, but long enough to give us all the break we needed. The area reminded me of Shades and Turkey Run State Parks here in Indiana. With big sandstone cliffs with "honeycombed" areas where the water has worn them down. There were two very tall trickling water falls and even a walk under the edge of the cliff about halfway up and under the waterfall. Such a beautiful place. And the kids both took long naps on the remainder of the journey home. Ahhhh. Although this really screwed up bedtime......

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