Wednesday, May 5, 2010


My husband had a job opportunity. Any job opportunity for us = moving. He interviewed last Thursday and had a great presentation but was pretty sure this wasn't his time as the competition was very good. Today, after 6 long days of limbo, we found out we are staying put, for now. The next park manager job to open and we'll start this whole crazy process over again. But while waiting there were quite a few projects on hold that will begin with fervor now including; planting the summer veggie garden, planting flowers, installing new kitchen sink and faucet, new bathtub/shower units in our two bathrooms, remodeling said bathrooms, painting Brenna's room, painting the basement, cleaning out and reorganizing the garden shed. Crap, that list makes me tired but excited at the same time.

So my camera has been broken for a month. Found out the repair cost will be more than was paid for it originally. So we are going to trade in for a refurbished upgrade. Never done refurbished electronics before, but it fits into my "reuse" lifestyle. So many snapshots that I've missed lately, Brayden carrying around "catapillaries", Brenna's toad swimming pool, both of them splashing joyously in puddles, pics of them with mushrooms. Not to mention all the sewing projects that I've been doing lately. And OH YEAH! I'm learning to embroider!! (I'm so freaking domesticated, and I love it!) So with out my camera and thus pictures, I'm not blogging much , not as much fun without the pictures is it??

One picture I have taken with my phone that I'd like to share the the wonderful shiner that my girl gave me. She was setting on my lap and her father tickled her neck and she did a wild head jerk and slammed into my eyesocket. Had a great black eye for over a week. Pretty sure everyone thinks my husband beats me now. What they don't know is that if he had of given me the black eye, he would have had two before the whole thing was settled!!

Happy May to you all!

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