Monday, May 31, 2010

Stawberry pickin'

My friend Cheryl and I have wanted to take our kids to a u-pick strawberry farm this spring. We found one that was somewhat close and made the journey late last week. It was a hot one but we were able to pick our 23 and 27 pounds worth fairly quickly. The kids enjoyed eating, I mean picking strawberries.
Brayden and Grace heading to the strawberry fields.
Madeline was a champion picker, all that blueberry picking at her grandmother's farm gave her and unfair advantage!

Brenna at work. Madeline and Brenna with some of the berries we picked. The kids had a great time, even with the heat!
The outcome. So far I've made 8 pints of jam, 1 strawberry shortcake, 1 strawberry pie, berries on ice cream and pancakes and a fruit pizza, and still plenty of strawberries! I think a strawberry cheesecake and strawberry daiquiris are in order.....YUMMMMMMM!


Brook said...

Yummy! I want to come over and eat that pie! Good little workers you've got there :)

Butts said...

That pie is long gone sister!! But if you come over I'll make another!