Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Child Free Activities

We had 5 glorious days without children, however I was getting pretty bored by the end. The first night we took off and went camping with our friends on Lake Monroe. Brook and Lex both blogged about it so I don't feel compelled to do so. Except to say my hats are off to both families for taking their year old babies camping! I know it was a lot of work to keep the little cuties safe, but it was worth it! Many good times had by all.
Miss Lily peeking out from the tent, her mom has taught her to pose well, don't ya think?
Jeremy and I enjoyed the time alone, being able to speak to one another in full sentences without being interrupted! He headed off to spend a day fishing with his Grampa and I stayed home to do some major cleaning, and chucking of stuff (kids toys). Lots of crap made it's way out of my home and I'm glad to say that none of it has been missed! I also was able to do some deep cleaning that never gets done (hello, wall washing!). I also made a short trip to Nashville alone to do some looking around. Our awesome little tourist town isn't super kid friendly as there is a lot of art and delicate items in the shops that you just don't want to have to buy cause your kid broke it! Honestly I spent a lot of time here at home ALONE. It was awesome to just have some silence. I was good a ready to be super mom when we got them back, I thought anyway. By the 2nd day they were home I was close to calling Jeremy's mom to come back and get them! Brenna is getting her 6 year molars and was being a pistol. Brayden talks nonstop, asking so many questions and repeating them over and over until you answer or until you give him the answer he wants. It took a bit time to get used to the chaos again. Many thanks to Dewey (that's what the grandkids call her) for taking care of my babies so I could get some work and play in, it was much appreciated!

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Brook said...

I'm glad you had a fun 5 days off. Glad we got to spend some of it with you, too! Love that photo of Lily. Man, my kid has a large head, doesn't she? :)