Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lost & Giddy

My super, wonderful, awesome mother in law just left with BOTH of my kiddos. Somebody pinch me. I am both lost and giddy. I am with them most of the time, I only do work for pay about 15 hours a week and at least half and sometimes more of that time is in the afternoons when their dad gets home and they are headed to bed. After a year of no sitter I have a friend watching them about 3 times a month or so while I do field work for my job. I have so many things I have looked forward to doing if I ever had any time alone, which rarely happens. Me and the hubster haven't even been on a date in since March.

Do you ever feel like a hamster with ADD when you are given alone time? So many things you want to do but don't know where to start? That's how I always feel, it's so strange to be without them. However, I will enjoy this week. Everyone needs to recharge sometimes.

I let you know what kid of adventures and projects we get into sans kids.

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