Thursday, June 17, 2010

My front porch swing

This is where I spend a lot of time in the summer. I really love my front porch swing, in fact, when winter comes that is one of the main things I miss. I can sit up there and read while listening or watching the kids playing in the yard. I watch them catching toads or enacting some scenario up by the fence where all the trees make it "spooky". I love that the trees and bushes pretty much hide me and I can watch folks drive, walk, run, bike or even skate board by without even seeing me. I've read a lot of books and magazines up there, some to myself, some to my children. Lots of peas have been shelled and green beans snapped on my front porch swing. The other night I urged my husband to come sit with me at dusk on the front porch. After about 5 minutes our neighborhood gray fox trotted by, completely unaffected by us sitting there. It's one of my special places, along with the back porch swing and the hammock! I haven't spent much time in the hammock this year as it has been so wet and it takes about a day for it to dry out. Plus it's the kids love to play in it, and if I go there, then they pounce on me!
What's your favorite place to relax at your home?

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Brook said...

Lets see, favorite place to relax..... relax? What is that, anyway? But seriously, probably for me, it is having the rare luxury of taking a mid-day nap with the windows open and feeling the breeze on my skin. Love that!

You do have an awesome front porch. If you lived in town, you'd frighten the neighbors hiding back there behind the bushes, you old biddy!