Saturday, July 10, 2010

Just another morning in the garden

Those Carnival Squash that I love! Grow babies, Grow!

The little boy that I love! Grow baby....wait, slow down!!!
Our purple peppers (variety actually called Lavender, but purple peppers rolls off the tongue much better!!).
Morning sunlight filtering through the trees catching the sparkle of dew on the leaves of winter squash.

Our "Royalty Purple Pod" green beans and "Zephyr" yellow squash.

I was out in the garden this morning picking beans and squash and generally admiring the beautiful sights, sounds, and smells in the garden. Really they are the sounds of my youth, although I didn't appreciate them then like I do now. The garden is a place where my own mother, grandmother, great grandmothers and beyond spent much time on summer mornings, weeding and picking before the sun go too hot. They too had their children to accompany them in the garden to help with these tasks. I'm sure many of the children had little snacks along the way, just as Brayden did this morning, munching on dew drenched purple green beans. I remember my mom waking us up early to get started picking beans, corn and other vegetables. We grew up right next to my grandparents farm. We always had a huge garden in our yard and canned and froze everything possible. We also had an early and late garden, the upper and lower garden. There were gardens spread all over the property. There has never been a year without a garden on the property. My grandmother even had a garden the year she died at age 93, she couldn't tend to it, my dad, mom and aunts did that. But that didn't keep her from freezing corn and canning that year with the help of my aunt. My grandmother was born in 1915 and lived through the flu epidemic of 1918 and the Great Depression. NOTHING went to waste and everyone had to be as self sufficient as possible. This mentality was passed onto my dad. I strayed from that way of thinking for awhile, but came back to my senses. I came back to the garden and now I'm here to stay, it's my heritage and my sustenance. It connects me to my ancestors. These are my roots.

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Brook said...

I'm so jealous of your pretty garden. We need to hire you to do your magic on ours.