Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ode to Winter Squash

Oh winter squash, how I love thee. While I am relaxing you prolifically reproducing in my garden. The other vegetables are doing the same thing, but you, my dear acorns and butternuts require nothing of me. No snapping, stringing, shucking, silking, blanching, cutting, freezing, canning or drying do you need. You quitely do your work while the other vegetables get all the attention, but you are fine with that. Not until after the first frost comes and your leaves die back will you reveal your treasure. You are not only edible until spring, you also are beautiful. The carnival acorn squash variety in our garden is used for fall decorations in and around our home before being eaten, the butternut, a newcomer to our garden this year, will do the same. So I applaud you winter squash for doing all the hard work for me and looking fabulous while doing it!

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