Sunday, August 8, 2010

11 years

Photo by Brook Rieman

My husband has informed me, a bit sheepishly, that he doesn't read this blog. Therefore I will take this time to talk about him without it getting back to him. :0) 11 years and one day ago (we were camping this weekend so I couldn't blog on the actual anniversary) I married Jeremy. Darn smartest thing I have done in my entire life. Seriously. Not only is he a hotty, he is a person of outstanding moral character. And let's just face it folks, that is rare these days. He works very hard to take care of our family and to make time to do the things with us that matter most, the little things. And most of all we just "get" each other and we still really like and love each other, which unfortunately is also rare after 11 years of marriage. So happy 11th Jeremy, even though you aren't reading this, here's to at least 60 more!!!


chisato said...

Congratulations on finding each other, and on being smart enough to keep and care for each other. I have been married longer than you, but you two inspire me. You have a lovely family that you can be proud of.

Brook said...

Happy anniversary guys! Love ya!

Butts said...

Thanks for your kind words guys. It means a lot.