Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My 1st baby heads to school

How do they go from this;
To this so quickly???
As you can see Miss Brenna started Kindergarten today. It was a big day in the big woods. She popped right up out of bed, afraid that she might be late and said, "Just put my cereal in a cup. " We reassured her we were fine and she had plenty of time. She got ate and got ready so fast she had 20 minutes to catch a little cartoons before we hit the door. I have no illusions that this will be the case all the time, but it was nice to not have to rush. She was singing her ABC's as soon as she got out of bed. We were the first in her class to get there, not surprising since Jeremy and I are both a little bit type A. She knew just what to do and was beaming. We had been to open house just the night before so she knew where her classroom and cubby were. We said our goodbyes and she never gave us a backwards glance. No tears were shed by anyone. We knew she was ready. And honestly I think we all were. We picked her up and she was still as happy as we left her. We asked if she missed us and she said honestly, "No." And really it didn't hurt my feelings, I am so happy that she is open to these new and exciting changes. I don't want her to constantly look back and be fearful of change. Life is change so if she can accept that then it will go smoother for her. Brayden and I had a nice (albeit scorching) morning out shopping, it was so nice and peaceful with just one child to keep up with! He missed her and asked how long till she got home. Then he commenced to physically abusing her once she got home! Ahh brotherly love. At least I was spared from 7 hours of fighting today!! I think we are also looking forward to being back on a real routine. With my strange work hours our make our morning routine not very consistent and this will change that. Looking forward to the fun and challenges of school ages, I think!
Brenna lovin' on Daddy before school.

Brenna handing her folder to her teacher for the first time.

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Brook said...

SO proud of her. What a great kiddo you've got :)