Monday, August 23, 2010

Pauleen O'Shea

My kids have lots of favorite books. Some stay on the list for awhile, some stay only a short time. Many of their favorites are the usual classics, Goodnight Moon, Very Hungry Caterpillar, Where the Wild Things Are and the Critter and Froggy series. But for a long while now they have particularly loved a sweet little book called "Buddy's Bedtime". This book came out a few years ago and has become a classic to our family. We have a lot of children's books in our home, I am an avid reader and want my children to have the same love for books. Knowing that children who are exposed to reading and books at an early age are more likely to excel at reading, I make it a point to have books in our living area and in their rooms. They'll browse through and naturally pick out their own favorites based on pictures first and then based on the words after we read it to them. That's how they picked out Buddy. Plus both of my kids are crazy for dogs! I was thrilled to find that they had honed in on this particular book because it was written by my husband's first cousin, Pauleen O'Shea. Of course when it first came out we bought it right away. We read it a few times to the kids and set it on the shelf, sometime later they began to read it all a lot. Now Brayden, who's 4 and Brenna 5 can both "read" it to us. They have it memorized.

So when we heard that Ms. Pauleen would be at an upcoming family gathering, my kiddos were stoked. Brayden would go up to strangers and say, we are going to Dewey and Happ's (what the kids call Jeremy's parents) and Pauleen O'Shea's gonna be there!!! So the gathering was this weeked and the kids got a chance to meet one of their favorite authors. Brayden was a bit shy at first but later they sat down together and he "read" the book to her. Then she signed it for us. It is really a neat oppourtunity for the kids to see that real people, even family members, can be authors.

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