Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Back in action!!

We are back in action, first, we got a laptop and air card and said goodbye forever to dial-up! (YEAAAAH!) Second, soccer season has started. Brenna is in her 3rd year and Brayden is in his 2nd year. Brayden really surprised us this year by really getting in there and going after it, most of the time anyway!! Last year he would cry every time another kid would take the ball, now he is getting more used to that although it still evokes this reaction sometimes.
We were pleasantly surprised however that he scored 5 goals the first game!!
Brayden made friends with a soldier beetle during Brenna's game.
Brenna has moved up to the 5-6 year old group and the competition is a bit tougher. Not as many goals are scored and the kids motor skills are improved resulting in a more level playing field. She is loving it even though she isn't a big scorer as in years past because many of her best buddies are on her team.

Brenna going for it and her best friend Londyn jumping for joy.

Another action shot, now that it doesn't take YEARS to upload pics!

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