Thursday, September 30, 2010


My son is obsessed. This isn't just a passing obsession either, it's been going on for almost a year. The object of his desire? The Cabela's Master Catalog, better known to us as the "Cabela's Bookie". He will set for an hour sometimes and look at it. He has certain sections that he really interest him at times. His most consistent favorite is the meat grinder section. This may seem odd at first but you must understand his circumstances. He sees dad and various other friends and family member processing their own deer meat and so he likes to ask which one is ours or theirs. If we are going somewhere with a long wait, we take the Cabela's Bookie. It always seems to amuse folks when they realize what he is reading! The cover ripped off the other day and Dad had to whip out the duct tape and fix it up. This is the second book, the first one he wore out and we had to throw it in the recycling one night while he was sleeping. So yet another man in our family is destined to be obsessed with hunting and fishing. And that's the way we like it!
What are some of your kids' unusual interests?


Brook said...

I lost it when you described his favorite section. Hilarious!!!

It sure has been awhile that he has stuck with this one. I loved that you brought it when I babysat him the other week and gave me the serious "If he's driving you crazy, give him the bookie" chat. Ha!

chisato said...

I also laughed at his favorite section! What a funny guy. Looking forward to the haunted trail again this year!