Thursday, October 28, 2010

Drinkin' Locally

We are blessed to live in an area were the local movement has really caught on. One area in particular is brewing and wineries. Of course the tourism of the area really helps make to make these ventures sustainable. Just down the hill from us is the Brown County Winery which has a great selection of award winning wines. I prefer semi and sweet wines so I really enjoy the plum, blackberry and apple cranberry wines. Oliver Winery in Bloomington makes my all time favorite, Soft Red Wine....mmmm. They have many other great wines as well.

The hubster prefers the breweries, I'm not a beer person so I tag along for the pub food!! We have enjoyed Lennie's and Upland in Bloomington. However we really prefer our town's Big Woods Brewery. It just opened last year but is well on it's way to becoming a Brown County staple. Hubby and many others say the beer is great. The food is awesome, try the pulled pork nachos.....yummy! The pizzas are supurb. They also have lots of vegetarian choices if you lean that way. I enjoy their root beer which they brew on site. It is sooo good.
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Alex Houston said...

Good stuff! I miss Bloomington, Upland Brewery, and Oliver Winery! Does Oliver still do the summer concert series? That was fun back in the day. Funny that you mention Soft Red though...that was a friend's fave too. We had a running joke for years about it - she loved it, I hated it. I really enjoy your blog! :)

Bumble's Bounce said...

I love B-town