Saturday, October 2, 2010

Funky Winter/Summer Squash

Back in the summer I gushed about my love for winter squash. I am particularly taken with the "Carnival" acorn squash for its beautiful colors. We saved the seed and planted it this year, with much sucess. However, it wasn't quite the kind of sucess we expected. What we didn't realize a the time is the acorn squash and summer squash are the same species and can hybridize. By the looks of the offspring, I'd say they did! We did get a few actual acorn squash, only 2 were the actual "carnival" coloring. The cross squash (above and below) are quite large and seem to be winter squash. We have cut one open and it tasted just like other winter squash. Not sure if they will all be that way, but it'll be fun to find out! My little helper helped me load them up in the wagon and wash them.

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