Saturday, October 9, 2010


Ok, I admit this has kinda been the Brayden show lately but you've got to understand the circumstances to see why. Brenna has started all day Kindergarten and so she isn't here to bust into every picture and give her little pose. She isn't there when we go out places and talk to people. So Brayden is getting a bit of the limelight now, about time too! Miss Brenna can be such an engaging personality that Brayden gets overlooked, so now is his one year to shine. (He starts school next year) :-( Many people have commented how he has talked to them more than he ever has before, and that is precisely why.

Anyway getting back the original topic, "millipedy". We realized Brayden's affinity for millipedes or, "millipedys" as he calls them, back on our vacation. I was taking a short (and wonderful) siesta in the hammock a couple of days back when Brayden came to check on me and spotted a millipede nearby. I told him to let me rest and not talk to me until I woke. An hour later I woke and he was still following millipedy around and sometimes picking him up and talking to him. He had stayed there the entire time, never leaving. So when I got up he asked if he could lay in the hammock with millipedy. I said sure and put them both in there and he stayed there another hour. Then he walked around the yard with him and finally lost him. He was so sweet with it that it never even juiced on him like they normally do if they are scared. What a sweet gentle little soul my boy is.

Those are some sleepy little eyes.

Daydreaming with millipedy, oh to be a child again!

Seems like Brayden got the gift of nature interest from mom and dad. I've never seen a 4 year old that can ID a tree so accurately after being told just once what is is. He amazes me with his eyes for plants. He asks questions all day long. He really enjoys asking questions he knows the answer too, which annoys me a bit because he does it A LOT! Wonder why he does that? He has a very calm and content aspect to his personality (at times). I am LOVING this stage with him, he is an absolute delight and we are just eating him up. I hope he doesn't loose all this sweetness with age.


Bumble's Bounce said...

Why that is both very very sweet, and a smidge disgusting! Bumble brought in a Wooly Bear today...I can handle that for sure...."Milli", I'm not so tough! Sweet post, cool mama!

Brook said...

I just love that guy. What a kind heart he has. A lot of boys his age would just squish it.

Such a little naturalist.