Monday, November 22, 2010

2010 Christmas Letter

Can hardly believe that it's this time of year again but it is. If you have read this blog last year then you may remember last year's Christmas letter. For some time now our family (ok, me) has sent out Christmas letters to our friends and family giving them an update on the past years events in our family. Since my sewing machine is in the shop and is going to be there for 2 weeks!!!! (really a horrible time for your sewing machine to go out when you sew most of your gifts!) I thought I'd get started on holiday projects that do not require sewing and this letter is on the list. Enjoy!

Dear Family & Friends,

This year has been quiet, well, as quiet as any with a 4 and 5 year old involved! We began the year with a nice snowy winter which we all had quite a lot of fun with. We began sugaring (making maple syrup) in late February. However our sugaring season was quite short as it became unseasonably warm and the sap turned off. We still made enough syrup to last us through the year and still were able to give some to others. Gardening went well this year, especially in the tomato department. We canned many jars of salsa and pasta sauce and have been enjoying eating and sharing our "convenience food"! We also made and canned strawberry jam, applesauce, apple butter as well as green beans this year.

We began our camping adventures this year with the kids. We took a trip to the Asheville, NC area. We camped in two different locations near the Blue Ridge Parkway. It was so beautiful there and we had some very memorable times. The kids loved the hiking, waterfalls, swimming and wading in the pristine streams and catching salamanders.

Jeremy and I celebrated 11 years of marriage this year! Time flies when you are having fun. Brayden turned 4 in March and is the comedian of our family. He is always coming up with something hilarious. He is still incredibly sweet and loving and I know it won't last forever (is there a way to can little boy sweetness??). He is also quite the little naturalist, he has a talent for tree and plant identification and is always asking what this and that is. I have been working on preschool with him at home and he is very enthusiastic about learning. Brenna just turned 6 and started school in August. She has looked forward to it for so long and transitioned seamlessly to this new phase of life. The transition was easy for us as well, when someone is so ready it's hard to be sad. I call Brenna the climate of our home. She can shine as bright as the sun or be a big thundercloud. She's so energetic and outgoing and makes friends easily. Her teachers say that she is hardworking and enthusiastic and honestly that is a bigger complement than if they told us she was a genius. (Now if we can only get that hardworking thing going at home!)

We've had a great year spending time with each other, family and friends. We are trying to savor the moments and be present for them. We keep learning as we go.

Many Blessings to you all!


Jeremy, Jennifer, Brenna & Brayden

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