Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Address Book

I began to write out addresses on envelopes yesterday for Christmas cards. I usually don't do it this way. Usually I print the addresses onto a label sheet and just stick them on. But since our computer went down in the summer I haven't reconstructed the list and thought it would be just as easy to write them by hand, prettier too. I began in alphabetical order writing address down. As I looked though the book I began to think about changes that occur in all our lives. So many phone numbers and addresses had been erased and changed. Some folks had moved across the country, others to another country. Several had divorced and moved, and several had died. I don't erase the names, address and phone numbers of the friends and relatives that have passed. I saw the information from both of my grandmothers, friends Kenny, Jim, Diane that have all gone on. It was a reminder that nothing in this world is stable and everything changes and that it isn't necessarily a bad thing. I always wonder when writing out my Christmas letter and sending it, what changes will happen that will make the letter next year? Who will no longer be here next year to receive it? Who will have moved on? We never know the future (thank God!) so we must live in present. I believe the present and living in it is our only access point to peace, joy and love (I call that God). So give yourself a present and be present in each moment today.

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